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The infant brain in Humans is extremely complex and not something we can easily compare to the training of ChatGPT. I think a lot of these comparisons come from looking at Human learning through schooling and books, language experience and ignores the amazing feat of discernment going on with regard to our senses feeding raw information to an infant brain.

As the meme goes, we are not the same.


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Well, it would be sync'd to UT/GMT but there will be differences in actual time between the two frames of reference. Set the Moon clock to UT/GMT running the same method of timekeeping as Geneva, they will drift apart from each other due to the relativistic effects of gravity. How that gets negotiated will be interesting. The Moon and Mars have their own time, no matter what 'zone' we apply to keep track of things. Crazy stuff.


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Only spaghettification and a timeless orbit until the eventual accretion of your particles feeding the singularity removes your information from existence*

*That last part is being debated and some suggest information is not lost.


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Really depends on what you mean by start a band? Are you a gigging singer-writer who needs a backup band to take things into larger venues? Or are you hoping to find bandmates you get along with, to write songs together, play gigs and build a following from the ground up. These are very different paths.

When I have relocated as a musician, I tend towards joining an existing band more than looking to fill out my own 'roster' of players. Just me, you do you and good luck with all the music!

Vote goes to Dallas. The Seattle 'freeze' is real and can take years to thaw your way into a scene.