MoonWispr t1_javy3ae wrote

I think the point is if you're consistently sleeping too much or too little it's likely (or always) caused by other factors that need to be dealt with. Work, health, etc.

Studies like this often suggest that simply forcing oneself to sleep more or less will just make things better all by itself. Without knowing the cause, this could even make things worse.

Edit: For example, some health conditions (like allergies) constantly exhaust the body and result in needing extended rest to recover. Not allowing yourself that rest, without dealing with the condition itself, will just make it worse.


MoonWispr t1_isaishm wrote

Smoking in general isn't great, obviously, but if that's what it takes to get you active for now then it's worth it! If you can get edibles where you're at, same end effect but less smoke.

For some people exercise is it's own high, helps focus them. Helps remove distractions and stress of life. I think to get there you already have to be in shape enough to handle longer more intense sessions, though. So maybe a longer term goal!