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It's been extremely common for at least the last 20 years. Look at the 2016 election, Hillary's campaign and PACs outspent Trump's 2 to 1. Obama's campaign outspent Romney's in 2008 3 to 1.



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First off, "often" is not always. Usually it means about half the time.

Second, common sense says if I feel a small one, a bigger one may be coming. That isn't exactly stellar praise for the existing detection network.


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You see satellites when they have light to reflect. If there's no moon or sun light to reflect in your direction, there's nothing to see. Most of what you see for a reflection is off large flat surfaces like solar panels. If the sun is far enough south you may not get the right angle to see anything at the times you're trying to view. Add to this the fact that most satellites will try to keep their solar panels flat to the sun and you compound the effect.