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“Your eligibility for the Energy Relief Payment has been verified and your payment is being processed. You should receive your payment within 3 weeks.”

I just hope that mine doesn’t get held up like the $850 one did. I had issues with my address that they had to fix, so since they fixed all of that last time hopefully I won’t have to do it all over again.


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I ended up having to use Teledoc bc I couldn’t find anyone with openings that took my insurance (Aetna). But on the bright side, Aetna doesn’t charge me any copays or deductibles for using Teledoc so I guess that’s something. My therapist is located in Florida and said that maine is pretty much begging people from out of state to get licensed to work with patients in Maine.


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Same here. I didn’t start until my very late 20s (34 now)but I had a job before that that did a 1% retirement match that I should have taken. Now my job matches 4% so even though it’s not much I contribute that much. I only have like $5k in the account but it’s better than nothing. I’ll be able to pay for a month at the nursing home someday.