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People in trades, technology, and science need to take it upon themselves to accept such a responsibility. Politicians lack the intuition and wisdom for a technically based society.

Any sort of alternative system should be designed by technical professionals. UBI is not a solution. It doesn't address the core of the problem. And we as technologists should be able to realize this.

Money is the core of our outdated system. And thus it should be removed. Its up to us to figure out how this will work.


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With growing momentum, it should be put to good use.

Technological trends are going to be irreversible. So its important to have a conversation as to where we want to head as a society. In the most organized, rational, manner.

Not just in this subreddit either. All the other related ones should get together in a sort of techno-fixer unity. For the promotion of science & technical solutions in our ever evolving society.


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>Engineers are well known for being morons outside of their field. Pretty ironic being “pro-scientism” and being evidence based economic policy

Reality seems to disagree with this point considering our society is built off the wonders of science & engineering.

>Why is that progress?

Because they've created new technology? Which fixes problems, thus progress?

>And thereby making them capitalists themselves. What a big brain move. Pretty much every tech company gives equity as a form of compensation with most of the early employees (mostly all scientists and engineers) became very wealthy if the company is successful.

Being a worker doesn't make you a capitalist. Although Marxists do call scientists "petite bourgeoisie"

>And has a masters in Physics, which means he is a scientist owning the means of production

A dictatorship lacks perspectives of other people. One scientist in charge would obviously fail. The big idea is that everyone whos educated or trained in technical occupations would be making decisions together. Aimed at removing the inefficiencies and waste of capitalism.

>Singapore is an actual technocracy and is very right-wing

Singapore has nothing to do with the movement and is not a technocracy. Neither is China.


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Why don't you go read what actual progressive engineers look like and advocated for. They're anti-capitalism and pro-scientism. Elon musk on the other hand, is one of the most wealthiest people on this Earth. And has spread anti-vaxx rhetoric.

Yes, electric vehicles are good. So is space colonization, brain chips, and vehicle automation. But all this was before Elon showed just how unhinged he really is.

Progress, is taking the means of production out of the hands of capitalists. And placing it in the hands of technicians, engineers, and scientists. Elon has not used his wealth to make this possible. Because he's a businessman.


And him being anti-leftist (which he is) is laughable when you look at the history of technology movements or the ideologies of utopian sci-fi authors.

His grandfather Joshua Haldeman, was a member in a left-wing movement known as Technocracy. So where do you think his ideas came from? Haldeman eventual left the movement for becoming "to communist" but still, technology enables the workers and musk is grifting off that.

Howard Scott, Thorstein Veblen, Harold Loeb, M. King Hubbert, Jacque Fresco, H. G. Wells, Fred W. Taylor, Julian Huxley, etc. Read what they have to say about inefficiencies or improvement of mankind. Its more radical than Elon Musk's twitter verification.


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We are still trying to apply the rules of a pre-industrial society to our advanced technological mechanism. The concept of money is antiquated. We can go past the concept of UBI once we remove the monetary system.

Government by science, social control through the power of technique!

The pathway of a world government was thought up by H.G. Wells.

The New World Order

The Shape of Things To Come

Another plan of technique was purpose by Thorstein Veblen

The Engineers and the Price System