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Pennsylvania appears to be one of the only states not recognizing an indigenous people anyway. Lenape tribe were/are here it's never been a question and are still here albeit after the usual ugly history where there was certainly a shove to eradicate them. Sounds like the Monty Python dead parrot argument or something " We are here " ( visibly ) " No you're not " ( speaking to a tribal member ).

NO idea what in hell government gets out of the flat refusal. Pretty infuriating.


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Dauphin here. Never had them until a couple years ago. They're not close, climbing pretty far up a ridge not far from our house heard one. Could not believe it. And yep. 3 years in a row same spot.

Of course we have porcupine now too. Cool stuff balanced out. Those things are a giant pain to have around plus fishers were introduced as a predator. Which means those grouse won't be around long.


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I'd contact authors first. You could probably reach one through their agent? Her story certainly requires absolutely no embellishment, it's allll there. Maybe research writers known portraying historical characters with accuracy while retaining the ability to make the story live .


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Fake potholes wouldn't work here in PA anyway. Followed a driver the other day, laughed so hard I nearly drove into one and ended up in China.

Guy/woman whoever it was appeared to be having a blast using them like a high speed obstacle course. Ok so the driver wasn't being safe, it was still funny as hell.


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Yep. I didn't know we had anything called Lykens Valley Sasquatch Hunters. This is such a beautiful area, as pretty as any part of our singularly beautiful state, you know? Love to be in the news for say " Strip mining scars now healed and reclaimed by forest " ( it has, makes me pull the car over and absolutely savor the sight ) and " Underground Railroad House saved from demolition " ( unfortunately not true, one not far from here now features a now defunct Arby's, but there are more needing attention ).

SO many features making Lykens and surrounding areas SO notable. We make it for Bigfoot throwing rocks.


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Even in the case of IEP's and ability to provide what those students need there's almost no oversight on how much some of these districts may/can spend arriving at a plan which will best serve that child.

An insane, surreal amount is frequently spent actually litigating with parents. That's billable hours, TAX dollars spent by some districts, parents shell out ridiculous amounts to access their legally mandated education. Not all districts choose to do this.

Our district here in upper Dauphin county PA is notorious for it. Laid off 2 teachers citing "budget" during just ONE case where more than their salaries was spent on lawyers. State allows it. Next district over? Nope. Evaluates, provides what is required.


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One poor kid in my son's class who was already well, I guess you would say troubled. Just disturbed in quite a few ways. Met him a few times and there was a nice kid under all the various behaviors.

To top it off his father somehow actually got himself all over the news and even worse the story made national news, no idea how. Guy said Bigfoot threw rocks at his camper. I ' think ' that was the whole story too. Just threw rocks.

I won't repeat how the son reacted , it wasn't good. We're not a big foot sighting area, I hear he took a lot of typical bullying nonsense for it.

So if Big Foot did exist why in hell would he walk around throwing rocks at campers? We lost track of the kid but I do think about him sometimes and hope he's ok.


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This is such a huge conversation to keep going- apparently PPL is now designated " Buy " on the market. Looking around, claim seems to be higher energy source costs all around.

But. Something smells around as bad as the road kill deer PA ceased to do anything about citing ' budget '. You use the same Wh but are billed as actually using more?

What bugs me is energy companies like natural gas escaping free from taxes, threat from those companies being " Well if you tax us we'll just stop creating Pennsylvania jobs ". Also nonsense. Gas is here. What are they going to do, tunnel in from Maryland?

Also infuriating, price gouging is only illegal if it's done when there's a declared national emergency. This is just crazy.


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Same and we also live way out in the middle of nowhere so have a well. Woman who helps us with a very elderly mother lives in a small town . Both she and her husband work full time and pick up extra hours when they can.

Rent has almost doubled, water bill through the roof and now their electric bill looks like a mortgage payment. She began using a food bank run out of a local church, she's frantic poor nice thing.


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WOW? It feels like the company is just, plain making crap UP at this point. And PPL sorta slid it in on us- we DID get a notification there would be a FORTY PERCENT increase 40???? So it transpires we can do simply nothing to counter it like deliberately use a lot less energy.

Feels like they're going to charge us anyway.


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PPL once took $20.000 instead of $200 ( and no we didn't have it, hence the shocker when trying to use our debit card ).

PPL is wayyyy outta hand. Disclaimer being we live in the woods and lose power every time there's a storm and high wind- crews %100 amazing getting out here ). Our last 3 bills TWICE what we usually pay.

First time we scrambled- almost no use of the dryer, very careful with the stove, we have a coal stove for heat, a few rooms we have electric heat and simply did not turn it on, ever, all our lights are LED but we were still careful about turning off lights. Tons of things, we spent a month being really careful.

Next bill? $45 bucks more. PPL is officially outta control.


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What a deeply, grindingly sad story. It's almost sadder knowing they took active steps to ensure their dog survived. WHY why WHY can't this place give mental illness the attention, care and compassion needed to not die?

We'd take it, I don't care how old or what kind. Salvaging any life out of this tragic shambles would feel like doing something. We have two, there's always room for one more.


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Those companies are still at it though. We're northern Dauphin. Companies make off the wall, I guess attractive $ offers to private land owners. Our few acres border TWO larger land owners- both tend to cave.

It looks like a war out here sometimes, just shattered landscape devoid of wildlife and prime tinder for the next wildfire.

This stuff isn't quite over.


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We have awful roads on purpose, like those rumble strips only backwards.

Keeps you awake ( KA thump ) AND playing Avoid the Pothole , both scientific methods of raising driver awareness.

That's my explanation anyway. It's better than the other one. Where tax dollars never seem to make it to infrastructure.