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Some have certainly displayed behaviors that even attract law enforcement attention. Access and making mental health less of a stigma. We need solutions that can pass. Biden addressed this recently when he said “we need more police & more funding for them” he was speaking about mental health officers to assist with these calls.

I agree it’s a multifaceted problem.

Addressing the root causes of violence: Many mass shooters have a history of domestic violence, bullying, or other forms of aggression. Addressing these underlying issues through education, counseling, and intervention programs could help prevent future acts of violence.

Improving mental health care: While not all mass shooters have a diagnosed mental illness, some do. Improving access to mental health care and reducing the stigma surrounding mental illness could help identify and treat potential perpetrators before they turn to violence.

Encouraging responsible reporting: Some mass shootings are motivated by a desire for attention or notoriety. Responsible reporting by the media, including avoiding sensationalism and not naming shooters, could help reduce the incentive for these types of attacks.

Enhancing school security: Many mass shootings take place in schools, so improving security measures such as metal detectors, security cameras, and school resource officers could help prevent these tragedies.


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It is these lines that do more damage to our ocean than the plastic bag I can’t buy anymore. People are shamed for their use of straws and plastic but the reality is if we all stopped the oceans remain in trouble from the fishing industry.

Over 4.6 fishing vessels across the oceans have unintentionally and intentionally lost gear and that gear is designed to catch fish so the loss of gear doesn’t just pollute the ocean it makes the ocean more dangerous for it’s natural inhabitants. The plastics will break down into micro plastics and end up in our food chain and in us. How much plastic? The known amount would stretch to the Moon and back 5 times. It’s 10% of the total plastic in the oceans. The largest plastic pollutant we have. Over 640,000 tons of plastic and gear or 55 double decker busses each year (that we know of).


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That’s why and who they suing per the article. I am sure there is more to it. The article did not go in depth. If you are on private property and breaking the law in Colorado they have the right to use force to remove the person. If the person is a threat to anyone else (he was) then they could use more force and the Castle Doctrine could even protect you if deadly force was used depending on the situation. Since they are in civil court and no charges seem to have been filed I think legally the force was considered justified? Involuntary manslaughter would be the criminal charge if not. I’m not a lawyer though.


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I don’t disagree but the ask isn’t likely the reality. I’m not an attorney but have been involved in cases like this where the intent wasn’t to harm but it happened. Usually the settlement they offer is close to what you may get in court after all things considered. Without intent or some sort of racism involved it’s not a $5m case. Even if he was a top retail executive how much was his lifetime earnings. That’s all I am saying, sad that he died. He made some poor choices that night and others did as well. I don’t think a bad heart is to blame. It’s likely that defense is being used as a precursor to get the outcome they want/can afford. If they prove he had a bad heart then the lifetime earnings would probably be less. Bottom line he should not be dead, the bartender should not be dealing with guilt and the family is likely getting told things by an attorney who thinks he has a George Floyd style case against this club. Basically going to be hurt one more time imho. Maybe strip clubs like that don’t have insurance. If your lawyer is playing cards with your strippers maybe they don’t.

My good friend was once hit by a taxi in NYC. Being head of his firm he decided he’d sue. The taxi company had seen it all and by the time the suit was filed the cab and it’s LLC had filed bankruptcy and moved the medallion. He got nothing but the trip to NY.


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While I have empathy for his family the plaintiff was allegedly acting up, fighting in the bar and died as a result of being detained. I’m not sure bouncers or private security are expected to know these things. The bar sounds like a dive bar with boobs. There are plenty of higher end strip clubs in the area Colorado even has a strip club that is a “fine dinning” steak house.

As for the lawyer, if you ever find yourself in a card game with a stripper while being intoxicated you may loose a lot. Sounds like a complicated night.