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I study history, economics, geography, geopolitics a dn so on as a hobby. For decades.

They did start these movements, yes. I said as much when I said they voted for civil rights and freedoms for young people. WHEN THEY WERE YOUNG PEOPLE.

They voted for whatever suited their demographic the best. Most generations do that, but because they are a huge portion of the electorate, they always go their way.

They are the same people who run universities like businesses, charge too much for shit education, and then vote against student loan forgiveness.

They own the universities now, that's why. They don't care about young people now, they only cared about young people when they were young.

I had my college tuition paid for by rich boomers. But I still empathize with students today, because they get such a shit deal. I was fortunate, but the boomers don't see things that way. They feel they earned everything they stole through hard work and determination. But they are totally blind to the fact that they've been rigging the system in their favor for decades, and that they happen to come of age during one of the most productive and prosperous times in American history. Sure they contributed to that, but college was cheap, houses were cheap, jobs were plentiful, they paid well, people had job security and pensions and unions.

Then they voted to TAKE ALL OF THAT AWAY from everyone else the second they sat in the manager's chair. Pensions have been looted, college is a scam, houses are criminally overpriced, wages haven't changed in 30 years. How old were boomers 30 years ago? They were 40 years old. They froze wages and gave themselves raises and lower taxes the second they didn't need them for themselves anymore.

Boomers own 65% of the square footage of this country's housing. Millennials own 4%.

The only saving grace is that housing prices will crash when no one can afford to buy all these boomer mansions. But it will destroy the entire world economy. The boomers won't care, because they will be dead. The rest of us have to clean up the mess they made.


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Nope. The boomers are a huge generation. They have immense political power, and they use it. They pass laws that are meant to help themselves at the expense of everyone else. When they were young, they voted for laws that help young people, and civil rights. Then they passed laws that help middle aged people starting careers. Then they passed laws that lowered their taxes because they were now rich.

At the expense of everyone else.

Our bridges are falling down around us, there's lead pipes, decades of pollution, and so on. It will take decades to undo the damage the boomers have done to America. All because they wanted lower taxes so they could keep more money for themselves.

My generation, and those that follow will have to pick up the tab for all of that neglect. It will cost 10x as much to fix all this shit than if we had just maintained it.

Don't even get me started on healthcare. Healthcare in this country is geared towards serving the boomers. They had pensions and good insurance when it was cheap, and now they have Medicare. They want to make sure we don't get universal healthcare because it doesn't benefit them at all.

This entire country was ruined by the boomers and I cannot 2ait until they all die. Bunch of selfish, short-sighted assholes who ruined this planet and are laughing all the way to the bank.


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Give him a year or two to explore adulthood without having classes. This may help him find what he's interested in. I wanted to be a scientist my entire life, but I got to college and I just couldn't get the grades. I spent the next year just taking every 101 class in every subject until I found something I could get good grades in. Turns out it was writing. So I was an English major. I ended up working in the software Industry, anyway.