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Transported via lifeflight? He is going to wish he died after he gets that bill. ((Average cost is 15k))



Looks like the mods banned me and then muted me so I can't even ask why. Apparently it's "go along with the liberals or be removed".

Congrats fascists.


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At what point do we start banning these sickos from polite society?

They fight DECADES long wars to try and force LGBT people into hiding and scream seeing a trans person is "inappropriate for children".... all while they perpetrate the worse crimes against humanity.

We need to take a page from their book and fight back and get them out of our schools and sight. They should be shamed into the darkest corners of society.... not "proudly" strutting around preaching their sick perverted views on what and what isn't "moral".


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>I don’t understand why you’re calling me names.

Because you are a monster that wants to deny children healthcare, knowing it will kill them??

Like, you literally want to murder children.... and you can't figure out why people might not like that?? lol, what's wrong with you?

Seriously, what Do you stand outside of childrens hospitals screaming at the doctors to not give the kids chemo also? "IT'S PERMANENT YOU KNOW!!! IT'S PERMANENT!!~!!!!!!!"

Haha, your stance is just completely insane. But because you watch fox news, you think it's a reasonable position to have. To just randomly decide YOU are the expert in a random area of child care / medicine and demand kids stop receiving care. All from some batshit crazy political agenda to attack minorities.

"BUT THE CHILDRENS PENISES!! WE HAVE TO SAVE THEIR PENISES!!" Can you even hear yourself? You are OBSESSED.... even after being told that type of surgery is very rare (even in adults). But, again, you've read a couple headlines on fox YOU ARE THE EXPERT NOW? Fucking ridiculous.


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> I am a Liberal, this has nothing to do with politics.

Call yourself whatever you want. You are trying to deny kids medical care... lol. If you think that is "liberal", you are delusional.

> the difference is gaining muscle is reversible

So you want to ban school sports? High school athletics account for over 2 MILLION INJURIES a year to children. 500,000 doctor visits. And over 30,000 HOSPITALIZATIONS.

Kids are being KILLED by doing school sports.

And yet you ignore all of that, all of those CHOICES.... and you focus on the most fringe group imaginable? Trans people??

It has NOTHING to do with protecting kids. In fact for these trans kids specifically, you want to deny them healthcare and do more harm.

Only about 3% of trans youth detransition. So you are focusing on the extreme minority in order to deny 97% of trans kids care? That's like saying we shouldn't perform heart surgeries to save people because the morality rate is about 3-4% (and, again, with trans care it isn't death we are speaking of.... typically they are hormone blockers which are largely reversible. Though ideologs like yourself will point to a very minor side effect as some sort of red line that can't be crossed lol).

> There’s been a growing group within the trans community of people that are saying it’s okay to keep your pp and still identify as a woman,

Why are you so focused on childrens dicks? What the fuck is wrong with you??? Most trans people don't have bottom surgery, and kids especially aren't running out to get that done.

In total, for all trans people, bottom surgery is about 5-13%....

Like I said, you are a complete perverted psychopath. You focus on a minor optional part of trans care and try to pretend that represents the entirety of trans care?

> It can take years to mentally recover from having a surgery that you yourself agreed to.

And where are you fighting against non-trans people getting nose jobs or other plastic surgery? Oh? No? Nothing about that?

Again, you are SOLELY focused on trans people and their medical care....while ignoring the exact same thing (hormone treatments, surgeries) in non-trans people (including children).

You are so blinded by hate for trans people you exclusively think you need to stop their medical care.... and yet you have no knowledge of the subject (or even care to learn more of the subject). The only thing you do is keep repeating how you must kill trans children by denying them care.... and you want to use the state to do it.

You are a fucking fascist. A delusional little nothing that spends your free time attacking the healthcare of people. What an absolute joke.


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>you’d see that I’m in no way against trans people.

You want to go against modern medical consensus and deny trans people basic medical care.... all because of some deranged political agenda.

Essentially you want to murder children by denying them medical care because you don't think trans people should exist.

And in your twisted mind you have convinced yourself that you "are in no way against trans people". Lol, what a joke.

>No, there is not a consensus that kids must be provided gender affirming “care”. There’s not even a consensus that the earth is round,

There is medical consensus. There is also scientific consensus that the earth is round.

Pretending "there is no consensus" because of a few extremist outliers is ridiculous. That isn't the definition of consensus.

>How is saying “kids should be comfortable in their own bodies” tryin to kill them lol?

Oh? Do you also want to teach young boys they shouldn't go to the gym to get more fit?

Or is changing your body to fit an ideal only bad if trans people do it?

You are really deranged enough to believe you have "figured out the answer to trans treatment".... and that it's just a matter of body positivity? LOL, fucking hell, what a lunatic you are.

Dude, you need to call the medical boards that determine best practices for trans treatment!!! Tell them you have discovered the answer!! All it took you was a few minutes of randomly pulling bullshit out of your ass!! REVOLUTIONARY!! hahaha

>Sounds like your the one putting the idea in their brain that if they don’t transition they can commit suicide.

You are a joke. You belong in the circus with such mental gymnastics haha. You can't even come up with coherent rational arguments..... this is really the best you have? hahahaha, how pathetic.


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>I’ll just teach them it’s not possible to be trans so that way they’ll stay within the normal rate for suicide.

You sound just like a fundamental christian that has decided they will "just teach their kids not to be gay".

You say you are an evolutionary biologist? LOL, I HIGHLY doubt you have much past a highschool education. You are sitting here trying to deny science and reality and medical consensus and medical treatment like some backwoods hillbilly. "Aint no kids gonna be no transosexuals on mah watch!!!" lol

>I have a problem with people saying it’s ok for kids to be on hormones/hormone blockers and that it’s okay for kids to have top/bottom surgery.

Oh? You imagine yourself some hero trying to stop children from having proper medical treatment? No, that makes you a dangerous psychopath.

You are KNOWINGLY trying to kill children out of some political agenda. A fascist that wants to use the state to step between medical professionals and a childs medical care.... what you are trying to do should be criminal.

You want to stick your head in the sand and deny the entire medical field and study and best practices for care of trans people out of some insane political agenda.

You are some random shlub that read a few fox news articles and now thinks you are an expert on trans care, more so than the entire field of medicine around the world.

And you are too simple to have even a shred of self awareness to realize how ridiculous a stance that is.


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>Omg I raised them the exact same way they would’ve been raised 2 decades ago, ABUSE!!!

Yes, things like hitting your children is now known as abuse. It's further proof of your lack of morals and your threat to children that you think that is a ridiculous thing....

I really hope you don't have children. And if you do, I hope someone is checking on them to make sure you aren't "raising them like the good ol days".

>How dare I teach them there’s no need to take hormones or cut off their pp’s to be who they want to be. I am such a horrible person for wanting my kids to be comfortable in their own bodies.

It's so sad you religious nutjobs think it's new or daring to deny people medical care and ignore doctors and experts on health issues. It's nothing new, you people often kill your family doing that sort of thing (and when given the chance, will try to kill other people also... which is why it's SOOO important not to let you nutjobs get that chance to spread. Then you start making laws to deny blood transfusions or surgeries or cancer treatments or trans care. THIS IS NOT A NEW PHENOMENON, THAT IS WHY YOU ARE DANGEROUS).

Yes, if they were trans and you did that... you would risk pushing them to suicide. Trans people have a very high statistic in suicide from bigots like you bullying them and trying to deny them medical care. ((Which is evident because once they are removed from toxic environments and given medical care, their rates of suicide drop to normal statistical levels).

But, OF COURSE, you don't care about that. You probably read that last paragraph with a grin imagining a trans person killing themselves from your fascist agenda. THAT IS THE POINT.

It's no secret you want to kill trans people, and if you can deny them medical care and bully and harass them to killing themselves? That's a huge win in your fucked up book!!

Like I said, you are a threat to society. I really really hope you don't have kids. In a normal society the things you have said would have them taken away to a safer environment.


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Yea, I would imagine you wouldn't. It would be very troublesome to have a moral person around while you groom them for whatever sick things you have planned.

Maybe you will have them wear one of those "purity rings" or start going with them to prom to have them sit on your lap? Wasn't that a big thing you perverted nutjobs were doing a bit ago? Haha. Funny how that never shows up on fox news.... never any ACTUAL threats to children. You all just attack minorities while snickering and jerking it to the most perverted stuff online or drooling over children shows on Nickelodeon.

That's the other thing about you fascists, you are complete pervs when it comes to children. Rampant abuse is common.... and you lack ANY sense of morality.

Again, your type of people should be in jail. It's crazy we let creatures like you walk free poisoning our society and playing your sick perverted games.