Mouthtuom t1_j6xjz3n wrote

Oh look George is awake

Who is George?

My pet Organoid. He’s a symbiont that lives in my pet rat Ralph. He can recite the Gettysburg address when I attach the cranial interface.


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In fairness I don’t actually believe every conservative is evil. I’m really just talking about proud republicans. Many independent conservatives know what the Republican Party is doing is wrong.

It’s just exhausting living with these people. My country is 70% trump voters and the county clerk still made illegal copies of the voting systems and claimed voter fraud. They’re insane.


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Lol I’m not a democrat.

No it’s not like saying Muslims are terrorists. It’s nothing like that. There are over a billion Muslims. Only the smallest fraction supports terrorist violence.

Ask how many republicans think political violence is justified. Or have many agree with racist sentiment When polled.

It’s not possible to have a “serious dialogue” with proud republicans anymore because they are incapable of good faith. Maybe not living in America has insulated you, but after almost half a century here I’m see it clear as day.