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"Capitalism" is a complex mix of a lot of economic, social and political ideas

Economic systems will change and adapt to the new technologies. I'm hopeful that the new AI tools will allow us to improve economic systems to make them work better for all. Some may use the old names to describe the new ideas, or maybe a new name will be invented


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Reddit comments tend to be negative and pessimistic about everything. This may often be the case because they are responding to an article, based on an overly optimistic press release. Science and tech press releases tend to use the word "breakthrough" when the work being reported on is actually a small, incremental advance at best. The press releases are intended to raise funds or increase buzz. They get published, almost verbatim, buy the tech press. Skeptical redditors, like me, respond


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>to be clear nothing seems to good

Stop reading reddit and this sub in particular. It's overwhelmingly full of pessimists

This is the best time in history. No, it's not perfect, but the past was a LOT worse. Read some optimistic stuff

I remember old-school scifi. It was all optimistic. Then the trend shifted to post-apocalyptic doom stories. We have been fed this crap for years


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AI needs safety systems to protect against bugs and unexpected bizarre behavior

ChatGPT is a very early toy that people take far too seriously. It was jammed into search engines by clueless managers who wanted to catch the wave of hype. As AI matures, quality control and ensuring accuracy will become priorities