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I know what this is and I don’t support it. I don’t understand why any member of the public would support it.

I’m not saying give them 3 chances. I’m saying give them this one. If you’ve spent time there, you would agree that there is no way the staff would support this cause if they knew what they were signing up for.

If they host more events now that they know, feel free to judge. Gotta give everyone a chance.

It’s not fair to assume that anybody knows anything.


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I live in Jersey City too. Just had mine increased similarly. Unfortunately, there’s not much you can do. Landlords have extra justification to raise rent here since the property tax went up a lot the past 2 years. They gave you the proper amount of notice (legally speaking)


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You’re looking for an auto body shop/person, not a mechanic. Some may take offense since they do very different work.

I recommend posting it in a Mazda sub for estimated quote from people. If the piece is plastic, usually it needs to be fully replaced so even something like that trim piece could cost over $500 easily.


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I enjoyed street cycling for exercise before moving to Jersey City. To gauge my interest level. I’d say I was probably averaging about 100 miles a week. I kept riding for about a month, then I decided it wasn’t worth the stress with the local drivers. I could loop the same parks, but that gets boring quick so I switched to a Peloton.


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I live in a 2 person, 2 bedroom apartment in Jersey City. Average we spend monthly on groceries is probably 500-600. Electric bill averages $150-$200 but we have electric heat so it’ll be less if your apartment is efficient. We have 1 car which costs us 300/mo to park, 100/mo insurance, average 200/mo gas and maintenance.


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I park in a set park garage downtown. I’ve been using it for over 2 years now. One time so far I came back and there were no spots left. I just left my car not in a place where it wasn’t preventing anyone from getting out. Came back to move it the next day. No issue. I figure since I’m a monthly parker, the management can look up my phone number by my plate and call me if there’s an issue.


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As others have said, I wouldn’t rent without seeing it either. The landlord should want you to see it before signing the lease to avoid future issues for both of you.

If the landlord isn’t letting you see it, that in combination with an excessively high security deposit screams scam to me. Even if the building exists, this person may not be the owner’s representative. I care less about the clauses in the lease here, but I definitely recommend meeting with the “representative” in person at the property. Even if your unit is occupied, they have the legal right to notify the tenant and get you a tour. Otherwise, you should at least walk the halls of the building before signing.


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Reply to comment by Eatthatriceball in Stolen Bike by Eatthatriceball

I have one of those keeper locks too and if I remember correctly, kryptonite has a warranty for if your bike gets stolen. The one I bought was for up to $500. I just needed the receipt from buying the bike and lock to register it. Maybe see if you can do this retroactively.


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I’d stay away from this purely from a liability perspective. As a neighbor, I wouldn’t be mad about a cable ramp made for the outdoors but definitely check to see if your homeowners policy would cover someone tripping.