MrMcFunStuff t1_j29mtdy wrote

It’s just my opinion that we’re seeing happening now will come to be known as the beginning of a period of decline for Philly. A completely dysfunctional state government has led to a school system that’s in shambles and unable to find and pay the teachers they need. An absent police force that only cares about collecting a paycheck and squeezing as much money from the city budget as possible. A city where nearly a quarter live in poverty (350,000+ people) being crushed by raising inflation, no jobs, and no way out. Combine this struggle with a state that has awful social services and a police force that doesn’t give a shit and you have a recipe for disaster. People are going to get fed up and a lot of those that are able to leave will and things will get worse for those that stay, creating a negative feedback loop that drives more people away. I just fell that economic growth and investment are lagging behind the situation on the ground and it’ll take a couple of years before we see the impacts there. It’s not too late to right the ship, but that needs to start with cops doing their jobs and doing them right.