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Seems like a distraction attempt to me. Start off trying to build a coal mine on the reef (how does that even work, is it underwater?), then "compromise" by building it in some other ecologically sensitive area instead (which is where they wanted to build all along). The coal company gets its coal, the government gets to brag about how it stood up to Big Coal, and the earth gets fucked


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Messages on slack can become threads if you choose to reply in a thread instead of a channel, so you can have a channel with only top level comments and all discussion in a thread. Everything is just as archivable and searchable as any email client I've used, even more so because I can use the channels as additional search criteria.

I get emails for calendar invites and git notifications, both of which have slack integration. Other than for password recovery and account creation have very little use for email


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Temperature definitely changes but food source changes probably have more of an effect. Black bears on BC's Vancouver Island don't hibernate due to tear round food sources.

In fact, no bears truly hibernate. They wake up, stir around, stretch, and go out for food when the weather is nice. What they do is called torpor


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In another thread I read that that intentional accuracy drop was removed 20 years ago but there still is a second frequency in the military can use for higher accuracy than consumer grade


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Well the planets looked like really bright stars that would wander around the sky so I could imagine the curious would really want to know if they could figure them out or predict their motion


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As a kid I had a glow in the dark picture of Earth on the bunk above me. I used to stare at the clouds on it each night as I went to sleep. I knew each and every twist in turn of the cloud pattern and I'm fairly sure I would notice a small change.

In the times before Reddit, tv, or even books I wouldn't imagine a great deal of time was spent staring at the night sky and that many people could have drawn star charts from memory.

It comes to me as no surprise that all throughout history humanity has had a very good concept of the motion of things in space