Mr_Locke t1_jb9yj7e wrote

Nail on the head here. Where is their evidence. Also "perfectly secure" isn't a thing and if it's undetectable then the tool you use to pull the data out of your image wouldn't see it to pull it out.

Also to break stego down a bit here is an example. Let's say I have a picture called Ducky.jpg that is exactly 100Mb in size. If I use traditional stego and hide a message in that image it will change it's size to let's say 101Mbs. Now, if this new technique makes it undetectable by also altering the size by removing blank space like compression does but I only the exact amount then we could get our file down to 100Mb. However, if you hashed both images, our nor all ducky.jpg and our ducky.jpg with our stego message inside, even tho they are the same size their hashes will be different.

What am I missing here fellow nerds?


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Banning one app from China isn't going to help. We need to ban all companies who are owned even in part by China. Tencent alone owns parts of a lot of companies.

Before I get downvoted to the bottom of the sea, keep in mind that under current Chinese law any Chinese company must comply with any and all government requests. That could mean turning over user privacy data to inserting backdoors into services.

Edit: and that's just one Chinese company.