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I once attempted to read Twilight during it's heyday. Halfway through the first book I found myself hoping against hope that a gang of vampire hunters would arrive with wooden stakes and a revolver loaded with silver bullets and put an end to the cast.

Not only did I fail to finish the book I quite literally abandoned it to fate. I just got up from the table and left it sitting in the student lounge as a 'gift' to whatever masochist wanted to punish themselves with it.


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The Germans were effectively neutered in '45. Partially by being occupied by the Soviets and the Western Allies, but mostly by having a lot of young men lying dead between Berlin and Moscow.

Modern Germany couldn't lead a Girl Scout Troop across a playground. They're a has-been power like Spain and the Netherlands, whose primary national defense is the United States. What Germany says carries the weight of a pillow.


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Honestly Hati just needs to be written off at this point. Short of the UN just taking it over as a colony and forcibly rebuilding it from scratch, there is no amount of foreign aid that can make any substantial impact.

Just declare the place off-limits politically and economically, and forget about Hati. Revisit in a couple of decades and see if it can turned into a wildlife preserve or something useful.