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Do you think you could talk with your kid about that realationship? If it was obvious early on that she's toxic I'd be concerned as well. Probably talking about what a healthy relationship looks like and how to recognise when you're being mistreated would be a good start.


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It's because her books are the most popular romance books and get recommended to young people the most. I still remember that one girl who caught her 11 year old sister reading Ugly Love and had to sit her down and explain just how toxic and dangerous the books are.


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Yes, that's the problem. Her books are not romance but are about toxic relationships. Yet her fans think it's romance and don't consider there to be anything wrong with how the male characters treat the female main character. It's baffling and I feel bad for them.


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People consider CoHo to be a writer for people who don't read books. Her writting is pretty bad and she can't create realistic characters and dialogue for the life of her. But probably the worst thing about her is the normalisation of abuse in relationships. Bad writting is normal and common, but the way she romaticizes abuse is not. Anyone who has read better books can see this but younger people who have only started reading (and unfortunately often get recommended CoHo by her oblivious fans) might not notice that there is something wrong.