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Problem being if it is 53% doctor nurses etc will stop working quite quick, as a way to triage the spread. Cause at that point it is too deadly to work without use of special equipment.

But it depends on HOW transmittable it would be / will be. It would basicly come down to black plague level quarantining of some sort (atleast at first introduction)


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Which fields of study do women go into ?

Do they pay as much or equal as men (in that profession) ?

So there is a subset of women that go into being programmers, lawyers, doctors and politicians, so why should the achivements not be on Merit insteas of a gender ?

Who is more likely to go to college or university ? What subjects do they do ?

Who gets drafted in wars, by force ? Is that equal ?

What about courts or divorce proceedings ?

Now, back to the topic at hand. Spain has about 22 days give or take sick days, why do we have to spell out a benefit for painful menstruation precisely ?

When men get sick, we tend to be sicker than women does that mean we should get extra sick days because of it ?

«Men are more susceptible to them, symptoms are worse, they last longer, and men are more likely to be hospitalized and die from the flu." Dr. Kyle sue clinical assistant professor in family medicine

So what exactly do you want ? Cause equality across the gender gap is not happening, we have our own struggles to deal with. And we could expand that to different continents have different issues.


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Are you for real ?

Men as in who ? Historically everyone in humanity was a serf, slave or lived close to their families. Oh you mean men as in rich men ? Well see the problem there is that MOST MEN are not rich, and yes you will the bring up the argument of childbirth and the risk for women, which is subtantial for sure during those times.

Men / XY have during most of history been the partner that has assumed risk comparatively to set food, do harder labour, die younger (barring sickness / complication from childbirth).

So how exactly are you arguing that it is MEN that has had it better ? Kings, nobels, New money has risen to the top and guess what, they want to maximize profits.

You dont get to cheery pick statistics for one thing, you do so comparatively, or not at all.


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Lets not forget genetics testing of the cancer, targetting of macromolecules, receptors of the pathways, ideal time line targeting, monitoring as close as possible to real time, symptomatic controll, not sure about how well it is when it comes to stem cell replacement and retargeting of WBC, but i dont know enough to know what i dont know.