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So you put your entire paycheck, which is issued in a currency that is backed and guaranteed to exist by a government, into a currency that has nothing behind it to assure that it will be available in the future?

You're broke, and you put all of your money into a scam.

That's a pretty big fuck up.


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They have the Original Cheesesteak Sub:

"Lettuce tomato mayo hot peppers grilled onions and provolone cheese."

The Philly Cheesesteak:

"Lettuce tomatoes onions and cheddar cheese."

But I always get the Supreme

"Lettuce tomato mayo hots green peppers mushrooms fried onions and provolone cheese."

There's always a ton of meat and toppings, and their fries are thick, crispy, and seasoned.

And they're definitely open!


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If your backpack is washable canvass, you can completely empty it and run it through the wash.

If not, sprinkle baking soda on it and let it sit. You can then spray it lightly with white vinegar. Rub the foaming baking soda into the pocket.

If possible, sit it in the sun for a while where the light can hit the pocket to let the mixture dry.

Brush off any residue or remaining baking soda.