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Broken bones are pretty easy fix, can be serious but I'm just saying. I 100% know what you mean tho. I'm trying to find specialist to go to instead of the hospital but the wait for some of them is crazy. I'm glad your son got treated fast & you found a solution.


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To be fair emergencies take many different forms. Like for example I had 2 bad infections one time when I went to the hospital and I barley had much pain & no fever, so I was treated as I was fine but after tests were done the doctors were freaked out lol. So the er should try their best to treat everyone accordingly if possible but we dont live in perfect world I guess.

But I agree no one wants to deal with the er unless they have to. Unless they are hobos for some reasons lol


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I'd love to go to a hospital in NY but my insurance would not allow that sadly and I've never been to JCMC but sounds like maybe the doctors aren't great there as far as what I heard. I been to christ the most here and the experience is similar but the doctors & nurses are very nice there, which I'd just keep going there but it's way too overcrowded which makes me very nervous while being immune compromised.


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I actually have been going to christ most. I went there not too long ago and I was put in the hallway with other patients then was told I was being moved to a room closer to the nurses which was so crowded the nurses was trying to squeeze through beds lol the doctors and nurses were very nice but the wait was 2 ish 3ish hrs in the waiting room. So I've just been going to that one just assuming all hospitals are just like that rn but I'm not sure lol


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Have you by any chance went to these hospitals in recent years? I'm sorry if that's a intrusive question but I heard hospitals can vary year to year so. I seen so many comments saying JCMC isnt great (not just talking about my post) but I've also seen people say it's good too I just dont know when they went there last to really say that.


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I've actually have been trying to do some research but when I look at reviews on the hospitals like for recent ones all the hospitals usually have a mix of bad & good reviews lol I know the hospital isnt going to be a fun experience or the same regardless so Its kind of hard to do research on it as far as I know.

Which is why I ask cause I also looked at other people's reddit posts asking while those are usually 1 to 3 years old posts and I was told that hospitals can sometimes get worse or better over the years and I can imagine covid might of really effected that.


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I was considering going to that one but it is a little far but the closer hospitals I've been to has been kind of crazy unfortunately.

I'm looking for individuals personal suggestions for hospitals around so thanks for the comment, I might just go to that hospital if I dont get another answers otherwise.