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I think I get a max of five wears, BUT not consecutive days. In theory, I need two pair as I wash weekly. But I rotate five pairs. I look at this knowledge as a travel/packing cheat.

I do have two thicker just for hiking socks, and a few cotton “fanciful” socks I’ve kept for things like deep moisturizing my feet (wool drinks the lotion faster than my skin. I’ve had to line my wool buff, too) My exercise socks are a couple that look disreputable and I wear them for an hour, max, and hand wash after use. Two because they aren’t fully dry, something I could live with in sandals, but not closed shoes.


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Here's the entire list in order of popularity:

Yer a Blizzard, Harry – District 8 (Southwest Minnesota) Blizzo – Metro District (Twin Cities) Clearopathtra – District 1 (Northeast Minnesota) Better Call Salt – District 3 (Central Minnesota) Han Snowlo – District 7 (South Central Minnesota) Blader Tot Hotdish – District 2 (Northwest Minnesota) Scoop! There it is – District 6 (Southeast Minnesota) Sleetwood Mac – District 4 (West Central Minnesota)

I howled at Better Call Salt.


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Maybe I have a cheap end of the line with IKEA, but I feel the handles get too hot. I have used many versions of tri-ply and like the results on them all. Look for either thick bottoms or the cladding going all around.

I cook many styles, and find a 10 inch, 12 inch skillet plus two sauce pans fills 90 percent of my needs.

Get the set if it’s a good value for the parts you’ll use, and sell the extras.


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The closest big frozen falls to me seem to slowly form in the first few cold snaps, a bit at a time, and by January this year, look like stalactites.

I did notice there’s a sheen of not yet frozen on it, so it’s making layers.