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I mean, with it being only mario and sonic movies that you want to watch it sounds like you just have very narrow and specific interests. Extremely good movies like everything everywhere came out, but it really sounds like you have a one note thing for movies and that seems fine if that makes you happy, they will make more sonic movies.


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During covid there was a bunch of times a commercial would clash with a news story and it would get shared over and over. (like the one with a newscaster talking about the dead, then immediately crashing into an applebee's commercial telling people to come back). People talk about stuff getting "banned" like a government banned it, but they really just didn't want to have a news story about buildings collapsing then going right into "we can fix it! yes we can!"


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Mostly not like that. an AI like chatGPT isn't a guy who reads manuals then learns from them and then can answer questions. So training it on the manuals wouldn't have a lot of responses past what a search of the documents would do, but worse.

What it really would need is to train on like, message boards where people answered those questions again and again, until it could predict what answer goes with what sort of question.

(but also, a major flaw in this sort of statistical language generation is they generate sentences and don't really know what anything is. So if you asked the minimum width of some cable or something it would do a great job creating an answer that LOOKED like an answer with some numbers in it, but wouldn't necessarily be anything real. ChatGPT is real bad on like, if you ask for a phone number it'll create a phone looking number that is just random numbers, because that gives a sentence that looks correct)


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We discovered a kind of plaque that builds up during alzheimer's so for a while there was a very plausible "so if we clear that out, we cured the disease, right?" that made it seem like the cure was in sight. But then we found drugs that cleared it and it didn't really improve anything. The drug still came out, there was a bunch of fraud where it tried to claim smaller and smaller effects, then just came out as being a totally do nothing drug. So now the research is back to "we have no idea how to treat this"


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The big thing is that a long time ago that sort of itemized deduction stuff mattered a ton, now, almost everyone just takes the standard deduction. Your tax preparer was just going "hey, is there anything special that makes it worth itemizing?" and the answer was no so they went standard deduction. Like, 90% of people are better off standard deduction now, you need a really specific business type situation to get anything from itemizing and will just work it all out, see the number is lower than the standard deduction and take that instead.


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Allyl hexanoate Prop-2-enyl hexanoate.svg pineapple

Benzyl acetate Benzyl acetate-structure.svg pear, strawberry, jasmine

Bornyl acetate Bornyl acetate.svg pine

Butyl acetate Butylacetat.svg apple, honey

Butyl butyrate Butyl butyrate2.svg pineapple

Butyl propanoate pear drops

Ethyl acetate Ethyl acetate2.svg nail polish remover, model paint, model airplane glue

Ethyl benzoate Ethyl benzoate.svg sweet, wintergreen, fruity, medicinal, cherry, grape

Ethyl butyrate Ethyl butyrate2.svg banana, pineapple, strawberry

Ethyl hexanoate Ethyl-hexanoate.svg pineapple, waxy-green banana

Ethyl cinnamate Ethyl-cinnamate.svg cinnamon

Ethyl formate Ethyl-formate.svg lemon, rum, strawberry

Ethyl heptanoate Ethyl-heptanoate.svg apricot, cherry, grape, raspberry

Ethyl isovalerate Ethyl isovalerate structure.svg apple

Ethyl lactate Ethyl lactate.svg butter, cream

Ethyl nonanoate Ethyl-nonanoate.svg grape

Ethyl pentanoate Ethyl valerate.svg apple

Geranyl acetate Geranyl-acetate.svg geranium

Geranyl butyrate Geranyl butyrate.svg cherry

Geranyl pentanoate Geranyl pentanoate.svg apple

Isobutyl acetate Isobutyl-acetate.svg cherry, raspberry, strawberry

Isobutyl formate Isobutyl formate.svg raspberry

Isoamyl acetate Isoamyl acetate.svg pear, banana (flavoring in Pear drops)

Isopropyl acetate Isopropyl acetate.svg fruity

Linalyl acetate Linalyl acetate.svg lavender, sage

Linalyl butyrate Linalyl butyrate.svg peach

Linalyl formate Linalyl formate.svg apple, peach

Methyl acetate Methyl-acetate.svg glue

Methyl anthranilate Methyl anthranilate.svg grape, jasmine

Methyl benzoate Methyl benzoate.svg fruity, ylang ylang, feijoa

Methyl butyrate (methyl butanoate) Buttersauremethylester.svg pineapple, apple, strawberry

Methyl cinnamate Methyl cinnamate.svg strawberry

Methyl pentanoate (methyl valerate) Methyl pentanoate.svg flowery

Methyl phenylacetate Methyl phenylacetate.svg honey

Methyl salicylate (oil of wintergreen) Methyl salicylate.svg Modern root beer, wintergreen, Germolene and Ralgex ointments (UK)

Nonyl caprylate Nonyl caprylate.svg orange

Octyl acetate Octyl acetate.svg fruity-orange

Octyl butyrate Octyl butyrate.svg parsnip

Amyl acetate (pentyl acetate) Amyl acetate.svg apple, banana

Pentyl butyrate (amyl butyrate) Pentyl butyrate.svg apricot, pear, pineapple

Pentyl hexanoate (amyl caproate) Pentyl hexanoate.svg apple, pineapple

Pentyl pentanoate (amyl valerate) Pentyl pentanoate.svg apple

Propyl acetate Propyl acetate.svg pear

Propyl hexanoate Propyl-hexanoate.svg blackberry, pineapple, cheese, wine

Propyl isobutyrate Propyl isobutyrate.svg rum

Terpenyl butyrate Terpenyl butyrate.svg cherry


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Basically the important thing to know is there is a chemical called an "ester". In around the 1950s we figured out it was really easy to make them, and that they were a big part of what we could smell and taste, so they just made every single one and then just went oe by one smelling and tasting them and just gave them names. They didn't really design or copy anything, they just took 60 chemicals and went "uhh.... grape?" "uhh... that is... uh.... fruit punch" to each because they are basically the cheapest fruit/candy flavoring or smell you can make so they want to use all of them.


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I feel like your first few sentences about it being isolated are not as positive as you seem to think. A city that is hard to get to, not near things and doesn't want outsiders is not one that is going to grow.