MuchoGrandeRandy t1_j5frcu1 wrote

Fear will tear you limb from limb if you give it an inroad.

Fear is you, making up stories and believing your own bullshit.

Fear is your mind anxiously trying to predict the future.

Fear can't tell you what will happen, ever.

Fear will eat your lunch and deprive you of your futures.

There are things you think, things you know and things you do.

Accomplishment comes from knowing and doing.

Fear comes from thinking.

Overcome mind.




Follow your dreams.

Believe in yourself


I Believe in You.


MuchoGrandeRandy t1_iqz55e2 wrote

It is where you are Now Without a degree, not where you Will be with one.

Try to keep the big picture in mind and tell your boss you will be cutting back to 30 hrs per week in order to spend an extra 20 working on your thesis.

Your life is a series of choices you make.

NOBODY will ever make decisions in your best interest, that is Your job.