MuddyWaterTeamster t1_izol7r2 wrote

> If they have the same currency and free trade, wouldn’t they have largely the same inflation?

You could have just looked at the difference between France and Germany to find out the answer. It’s even more stark if you start looking at others, but I don’t want to confuse you by talking about Latvia.


MuddyWaterTeamster t1_isegktv wrote

> Many if not most zoo animals are not capable of returning to the wild. Either they were born in captivity, or they have an injury or disease that would mean they would not survive their natural environment.

So we have to have zoos because animals get born in captivity, but animals get born in captivity because every mid-sized city needs to have a zoo.

> On the other hand, zoos are an excellent tool for keeping critically endangered species alive and reintroducing them to the environment!

Apparently not if they got born in captivity! Conservation in an environment that doesn’t make them completely maladapted to the outside world is a thing that exists.