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Whenever you hear someone try to make an excuse for the train industry, just remember how many flights there are in this country on a daily basis, and the rarity of airplane crashes that occur. Safety is not impossible. We can hold the rail industry to higher standards. I hope we do.


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This is like saying only entitled people expect librarians to help them find a book. It’s literally the town clerks job to maintain the land records, and anyone who needs help or has questions, has a reasonable expectation that the town clerk wouldn’t call them an entitled prick and to go F off.


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Im giving up. You seem to have a view of how the world works that lines up with how you wish it worked. I simply can’t convince you that people experience hardships that you were unaware of.

You win. This service outage affects no one. Including me. Just five minutes ago I called up the state office and they’re sending a personal consultant with everything I need to complete an ALTA survey by Monday. I’m so relieved. /s


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Except my town directs people to this website instead of bogging down the town clerk with records requests. Just because the website is down doesn’t mean the clerks office magically has new staff. Also, the article mentions that because this company is supposed to be handling records requests, they haven’t indexed the physical records as well as they have had to in the past.


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Depends on where you live and whether there’s a modern survey. My deed is described as ‘approximately 2 acres where Mr and Mrs Smith have their primary residence along River Rd.’ The polygons on file with the town, and thus, the state, are approximations. My deed implies 130’ of road frontage, but the town records imply 230’. Somewhere between that difference lies half of my barn. With my neighbors, we have gentlemen’s agreements on where property lines probably are. And because everyone is nice, no one has a problem.

I’ve researched the deed back to the 1930s. If I hired a surveyor they would likely need to research the deed to its inception (early 1800s or whatever records still exist), along with all the surrounding plots and various subdivisions before establishing boundaries. Even then, it might require legal agreements with the neighbors to address any ambiguities.

So yes, if the town records suddenly become inaccessible there’s no way for me to legally hire someone to establish my boundaries. If I were to try to sell my home and the buyer gets spooked by the lack of a survey, I’ll be out of luck. If I get a ride litigious neighbor, that’s not something that could be easily resolved.

Vermont is an old state with unique challenges. Losing access to land records is a pretty big deal in some parts where 20th century modernization was overlooked.


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Also note how many trucks have tinted front windows, which shouldn’t pass inspection unless you meet certain medical exemptions. I’ve concluded that the majority of truck drivers have strange eyesight issues, or that they all have handshake agreements with mechanics to pass their vehicles, regardless of after market modifications.


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Are they refusing to move out NOW? If their lease isn’t up, they have every right to remain there. Have they indicated that they do not plan on moving out on or before the 1st? That’s when you have a problem. If that’s the case your best course of action is finding a backup plan. A tenant who hasn’t moved in has no legal recourse. Don’t pay the landlord first month rent if you haven’t yet.


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Some contractors agreed to leave construction debris on federal land? I live next to federal land and they have signs prohibiting building rock sculptures in the stream bed. And these guys built a wall?

I hope they face steep penalties. Taking a contract of this magnitude you should definitely be able to due diligence land ownership and realize that you need a lot more permits/authority than some lame duck governor trying to own the libs.


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“It’s not that big a deal/no need to worry”

Yeah. I know. But the anxiety has different plans and I can’t stop it. It’s not logical. It’s not grounded in reality. And that’s why it’s so scary. I agree, most people don’t truly understand what is meant when talking about anxiety.