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Can I commission you to make one just like this but with really long nipples and the nipples have fingernails growing on them? Also, she must have Hulk Hogan's iconic silky blonde hair and mustache.

Edit: You decide whether or not the nipples should have knuckles. I am fine either way.


MurderDoneRight t1_je457dr wrote

On the height of their popularity Pearl Jam tried this, they even brought it to congress, and failed. Setting up your own venues costs a lot, most festivals loses money. They have exclusivity deals with all these venues too, that includes stadiums and other sport venues.

It's a shit show and everyone knows it, but everyone involved is making money so...


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Maybe they can put it in Garfield Heights, Ohio. They built a landfill in the 1970s where they dumped toxic waste, closed it up years later without cleaning it up, a developer bought it and put a mall on top of it, the ground started sinking as gases escaped from the soil, most of the businesses left, it was reworked as a business park and is still open to this day.

Did I mention the reason why they figured out the dump were toxic? Because a staggering amount of people were developing tumors. People still live there. Shit is still messed up 50 years on and everything is business as usual.