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>Honestly movies in my opinion should have a positive influence on people, they should really inspire people to chase after their dreams and to be hopeful

so sanitized, propaganda movies?


>Which is why I love movies like Rocky

i like that movie too, except when he repeatedly pressures Adrian multiple times to come into his apartment, then when she wants to leave, he pins her in the corner with his hand on the door


>most people just need a positive perspective to tell them that life isn’t that bad
>The world honestly isn’t a bad place

said every privileged person ever


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"dirty comedies" lol

TALLADEGA NIGHTS is an unending, politically correct ridicule of the Bible Belt, Southern white men, Christianity, Jesus Christ, the family, and American masculinity. Its constant jokes are either hit or miss, or offensive to a good many people, especially committed Christians. The movie also contains strong sexual references, excessive foul language and strong homosexual content. This truly is one of the most blasphemous, politically correct summer movies ever released by a major studio.


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>If you only get jurors that have the means and desire to take days or weeks off from their lives, you're likely going to have a demographic that isn't very representative of the overall population,

and on the flip side, you have stressed out and annoyed people trying to judge a WWE episode they don't want to watch

it's a pretty fucked up system


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it's very important to remember that as a successful rapper, you will, in fact, encounter all kinds of women displaying behaviors that are oppositional to traditional views of women or what would usually be defined as "a lady"

i've seen it

two things can be true

women can be smart, demure, composed, elegant and many other adjectives

and they can also not

just because you don't see it doesn't mean it doesn't exist


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not killing but heavily skewing

people aren't "being told" now any more now than they were with radio

but the game has completely changed

connectivity has completely bypassed the original structure

now, some obscure Soundcloud artist can go viral if the popular person at school plays it at their party etc and then everyone links it to their friends

and at the same time, a 12-year-old girl can have the same favorite song as a 24-year-old dude

or a band that's been around for decades can get a bump from TikTok

we're in a wild west, "cats and dogs living together" era of music

there always has been, and will always be, an influential dominant consensus of some sorts with music

before it was controlled by music execs, now it's completely random and everything is up for grabs