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I don‘t think there is much potential for confusion. The fact that you can easily spot wrong usage of the words even if they‘re used explicitely against definition proves that they can be distinguished based on context alone. Although I‘d be happy to see a scenario where confusion arises.

You are right though that established definitions and rules might influence the Development. Back when people had no school and no one to tell them how language was supposed to work they probably were way more accepting of other ways to use language. On the other hand, in my mother language I saw wrong grammar being established as the Norm within my lifetime (which is not much) and the teaching changing accordingly. So I‘m not convinced that established rules really have any control.


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It is language changing. They‘re and there sound so similar people start confusing the two so often they become interchangable. Eventually it will become one word. Just like people mixed humain and man and made human. Being stingy about grammar will not stop that development. All change in language started with a grammatical or semantic error.


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There is a point to be made about focussing on a single thing. That‘s essentially what meditation is. Also I think there‘s a big difference between multitasking while doing senseless stuff like laundry, or „multitasking“ by looking at your phone while watching a movie.


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Not much to say. Hunters probably mixed up the corpses of their game to create a new animal. However there‘s a hypothesis that all these cryptids that are rabbits with horns were created by rabbits with papillomavirus, which creates tumors.