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I meant in the specific places. Muslims are not a minority in Saudi. But they are a minority in Canada, Germany, Britain, etc.

The point I was making is that the living conditions in most Muslims countries are not good, for one reason or another. And in places where it is considered better, Muslims are a minority making it inconvenient to fully practice and enjoy Islam. I haven’t heard athan in public for some time now! Not saying necessarily that every country should have it. Just that I miss it.


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Common misconception.

The majority of the “Muslim” empire was not Muslim. It was under Muslim rule, but none of them were forced to be Muslim.

Islam was and is spread through reasoning and people just being convinced by it.

I don’t deny the battles, that’s just ignorant, but if you don’t know the motive behind these battles then I would suggest you properly study them before trying to claim something that doesn’t exist. They were mainly caused by self defence. The Persian empire and the Roman Empire didn’t like the new upcoming Islamic nation. Then the Byzantine empire and all the following and “coexisting” empires and nations.


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I wonder who has their soldiers at the Alaqsa mosque and can control who gets in and out?

Population growth is irrelevant in the absence of mass genocide. I am talking about Auschwitz or Mongolian levels of genocide.

Many European countries have a decreasing population, but I don’t see them complaining of any sort of oppression from a foreign nation.


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People are more skeptic and untrusting of anyone who is not a native.

And I can’t blame them. Look at almost every single ”ally” of the Arab nations and what they did to them. America was an ally with Iraq against Iran. Look at how that ended.

Oh, and the colonization. We can’t forget that!


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For Jewish access to Jerusalem, I am talking about 7th or 8th centaurs when Muslims first entered Jerusalem after taking it from the Romans.

Omar Ibn Alkhattab ordered a recently Jewish convert, to Islam, to get 80 volunteering jewish families to move into Jerusalem. Where as before, there was 0.

I haven’t looked into later history of Jerusalem and the Ottoman Empire as much, so I can’t speak about it.

The difference I am pointing out today is the killing and oppression of anyone who is not jewish in Jerusalem and Palestine and the forceful and illegal eviction. In comparison to what the Muslims did, at least in earlier centuries.

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I wouldn’t be surprised.

Did you know that muslims are the ones who put back the Jews in Jerusalem as soon as they first conquered it?

Did you know that the Moroccans were the ones who took in the Jews escaping from Spanish Inquisition?

You will find in history that Islamic rule was the most tolerant of all religions after the fall of the Persian empire, but how many people know or care about this?

Bro, I want live in a place where I can be a Muslim without the struggles that we see today or being a minority. But patience and hope in Allah is all I have now.