MuscovadoSugarTreat t1_j0209i5 wrote

Oh no, I just bought one. I don't open cans regularly, but I bought a very cheap one in the dollar store when I first moved into a new apartment. Failed after 4 months of light use. Got myself a Swing-Away. Let's see how long it's going to last me lol.


MuscovadoSugarTreat t1_iwbmkz3 wrote

No issue with my Google Pay. The only oopsies I had was when I move too close to the readers. Usually when I exit a bus and my phone or bag with my wallet in it was too close, or exit a turnstile and somehow hover my phone as I exit. Thankfully, I disabled transactions if my phone is locked, so the reader just gets an error. I also have an RFID blocker in my wallet.