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In 600 years maybe they will apologize to the African people for telling them using condoms is evil during the height of the AIDs epidemic and millions of children being born with HIV.


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It's funny how almost overnight WEF just became a thing they all obsesses about and blame for all their problems.

Almost like all these channels they glue themselves to are connected and spread the same shit.

It's even funnier when you consider Putin regularly spoke at WEF and supported it.


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So you know a couple people who fled Ukraine and don't want to fight and to you that is representative of the entire country?

There are plenty of Ukrainians who are just as susceptible to Russian propaganda. There are plenty who thought when Russia "liberated" their towns and villages that they would be treated kindly and respected. Until the purges.

I know someone from Donetsk who tells me about the horrors of what Russia did. Forcible conscription, disregard for local populace, etc. At least I understand that that is just simply anecdotal and in reality I can't draw an conclusion from that and say it must be most people in Donetsk must be anti-Russia. I don't know.


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Hahahaha. Right.

Tell me which side needs a second line of soldiers to shoot retreating troops again? Which side needs Kadyrovites to scare soldiers into not retreating.

Weird how Ukraine can force people into a meat grinder against their will and yet there's no evidence of it.

Here's a tip: "Ukrainians" on Pikabu claiming they know the "real story" they don't tell on "CNN" are trolls.


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Given we still see protests out of Russia leak online, even though they literally haul people off and try to shut down any dissenting voices, if people were unhappy and wanted their government to surrender, we would see them marching or we would see them being being arrested or attacked for speaking out.

The question is what would you expect to see if Ukrainians didn't want their country to continue fighting? And where are you seeing this?

And I disagree a bit about Western media bias. It's not a monolith. OAN just did a show on Dugin. There is always a market out there for things that make Ukraine look bad.


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>You've done what a few times?

Embellished the truth knowing it couldn't be verified because of anonymity.

And I can concede tens of thousands without a source especially in a country of 40 million.

Even if they were all opposed to Ukraine and wanted Russia to win, it would be a small minority in the grand scheme of things. But Ukrainians aren't shy about expressing their opinions and I'm not aware of protests in any Ukrainian cities demanding the government surrender. Even though those still remaining in Ukraine feel the brunt of it. And when Ukrainians protest, they really protest.


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I can understand not wanting to have you real life identity linked to your Reddit account. I would never link mine to my rl identity. But obviously that comes with downsides such as no way to confirm anything I say and I'm free to embellish the truth. And truth be told I've done that a few times knowing there's no way to verify it because my identity is anonymous.

And I'm not disputing that men tried to leave and were prevented. I concede that point because there's evidence for it out there. But I've never come across any sources claiming it to be millions.


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There are lots of committed trolls. The issue is you can't tell. It's all anonymous. If you chose to believe them, that's your choice. I don't even know their name. You say they are a journalist but journalists are not shy about revealing their identity. It's always under the news articles they write. There's no way to even verify they are a journalist.

I will take a look at your wikipedia source though.


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>Actions speak louder than words.

And they proved it through their actions by driving the Russian army back and inflicting heavy losses on them even before 99% of the Western aid arrived. Seems like when a country that is expected to fold managed to stand up to a country that was thought of as the 2nd strongest in the world. they have proven it.

Look at how quickly the Afghan army folded to the Taliban. That's what happens when there's no will.

>You're also conveniently forgetting the millions of Ukrainian men of fighting age who attempted to flee

Link me to your source that you base that on. Show me where millions of fighting aged men tried to flee.


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My point that Ukrainians are clearly not protesting and wanting their government to surrender?

I'm just answering your question. You're the one who moved the discussion in a weird direction.

There's nothing stopping people in Ukraine or outside of it. If the refugees are so eager to get back to their homes, why aren't you seeing any pressure for them on Ukraine to surrender? You only see the opposite. Strong patriotism.

And if you think a 7 year old and her mother not staying at Bucha and leaving means they don't want Ukraine to survive, well, that's just the product of brain worms.


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LOL. Most of the people who fled were women and children.

Ukrainians did stay and fight. Why do you think the 3 day invasion turned into a quagmire for Russia?

They expected Ukraine to fall, the army to run, the government to flee and get an easy victory.

The reason Russia has lost so much equipment, soldiers, and prestige is because Ukrainians did stay and fight.


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>instead arguing for Western countries to find a “liminal space between pariah and legitimate status” to respond to the ongoing humanitarian crisis.

The Taliban just banned birth control of any kind which means birth rates will go up in a country already plagued by hunger.

Sorry but Western countries can't bail them out with this. Their government is just making things worse. And when that happens all you can do is wait for people to destroy the government or for the government to collapse.

Reminds me of countries aiding brutal dictatorships in Africa with aid, which only helped them stay in power. Or giving humanitarian aid to North Korea which they used to feed their army rather than your average person.

Systems like this need to be allowed to fail even if it causes great suffering. Propping them up doesn't solve any problems.

Aid should be reserved for unexpected disasters like, say, the Turkey earthquakes.


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Just in case some people didn't know this, not all sugar comes form sugarcane. Around half of the sugar in the US comes from sugar beets. So this isn't the supply of sugar in the world but rather just sugarcane alone.


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Funny you say that given that we have a certain "anti-woke" governor that is forcing school teachers to remove their classroom libraries just in case the books have something that might offend a conservative, cancelling college-level courses because they might offend someone, and replacing college boards with climate change deniers and covid conspiracists.

Why don't you go ahead and tell us why that's different.

Which do you think is a more apt comparison to this story an India, a power hungry politician censoring education to boost his chances at winning the Republican nomination or some students protesting things they dislike (whether those things are silly or not is another question)?