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> This is one of those things that actually may not be race based. > > Realtors will tell you that you sometimes get those $&@! Appraisers that will lowball your property regardless of race or anything.

When the numbers show that black and latino-owned homes get lowballed twice as often as white homes, and when the lowball is such an incredibly huge amount, it's pretty safe to say race is probably involved.

Also, it's a pretty safe rule of thumb to never fully trust what a realtor says. They're society's worst people, taking cover behind bad lawyers and politicians.


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What do you mean by (my father) is getting older now so to speak?

So to speak is "used to highlight the fact that one is describing something in an unusual or metaphorical way."

Is your father not actually getting older? Is ageing supposed to be unusual?


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Except you can be both happy all the time, and not be hedonistic at all, because hedonism is not a requirement of happiness. One can be happy with their state in the world, without making any attempt to change it. Hedonism, on the other hand, requires the pursuit of a specific set of ends.


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> His goals are for max profit that is all.

That's false and if you read his twitter posts occasionally, you'd see why. Musk regularly puts ego/pride above profits. He wouldn't be losing as much if he wasn't regularly banning or insulting people who disagree with him on twitter or call him out, and he's regularly trying to paint himself as being some sort of saviour.

If his goals were really just for maximizing profits, he'd keep his mouth shut and play in the background.


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America is set up that way to facilitate oppression of the working class, nothing more. It's not about privacy, it's about making sure you don't know how hard you're getting the shaft compared to the guy you're working with, the guy you're working for, etc., including the fact that many of them are exploiting the system, leeching off your taxes and not paying their fair share.

The brainwashing is real though, that you believe it's about privacy.