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Yes, public flogging is fucked up and there is no place whatsoever for it in civilized society. It's on a similar level of thought and intelligence as thinking it's reasonable to break someone's jaw because they looked at your girlfriend the wrong way.

As for the issue you're trying to compare this to, that's a really, REALLY bad comparison. You're comparing a completely barbaric punishment for a crime to severe punishment for a misunderstanding


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> At some point, companies have to realize people are not machines and they aren’t made to work 12 hours a day 5 days a week.

Why? Why do they have to realize that? They're doing just fine working the common people to death, and the common people are stupid enough to vote in politicians like Doug Ford and Ron DeSantis who play for these companies.


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> Don't pretend like this is anything other than Ontario's people suffering from the results of a rigged game.

The game isn't rigged. 75% of eligible voters did not vote against him. about 74.25% if you want to be more precise, but no vote at all is functionally identical to being content with what the largest group of voters selects. 74.25% of Ontario was given the option to get rid of Ford and said no.

Ford is a corrupt scumbag, jackass, and liar, and all Canadians are worse off for every moment he spends in politics, but given the option to get rid of him, 3 out of 4 people in Ontario said no. That's not a rigged game, that's a lazy, stupid, or uncaring population.


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No, we don't, and that's stupid. Caucasian history is incredibly diverse and varied, and would be absolutely ridiculous to lump together in the same way that Black history month is able to do so. That's not to say that all black people are the same or that black culture lacks diversity, both are not true at all, but Black history in American has been defined by a few specific events that dramatically affected practically all black people in America, and in particular, singled them out, not affecting other groups in the same way. These are largely events of oppression, and while some other groups like Native Americans have relatable pasts, Caucasians in America largely do not.

Also of note:

> Susan Glisson, who as the executive director of the William Winter Institute for Racial Reconciliation in Oxford, Miss., regularly witnesses Southerners sorting through their racial vocabulary, said she rarely hears “Caucasian.” “Most of the folks who work in this field know that it’s a completely ridiculous term to assign to whites,” she said. “I think it’s a term of last resort for people who are really uncomfortable talking about race. They use the term that’s going to make them be as distant from it as possible.”