MutatedDaoist t1_j23bjdh wrote

The great mage barriers of the Sen people kept the abyss at bay stopping their last city from total annihilation the last ditch attempt that had caused the lives of their awakened arch-mages to burn their life force was a bittersweet success.

Such a vast and sturdy barrier that allowed entry and exit to the Sen people's were expensive in magical resources that could power the vast barriers manabanks a solution was needed or their inventories would have been sucked dry in a matter of months.

Arcturius Farsight a void explorer and Geniveve Salasnikov were our salvation from the certain demise of our species the forefather and foremother of truly modern magic. Arcturius discovered an intelligent race of mammals called humans with a distinct soul makeup different from any other recorded sentient or monster lifeform. Geniveve managed to make a epoch spanning discovery on accident while performing experiments on this new species. The introduction of Soul Fission! A way to harvest humans souls at a previously unheard of efficiency of magic extraction. One hundred common humans who hadn't awakened mage powers were enough to grant our city a months worth of power and human mages greatly increased the gains to almost absurd levels.

Now our warriors and explorer mages are combing the vast void looking for more planets and realms filled with this new race. As interrogation has successfully given us information of many vast disparate empires chock full of walking power sources to keep our manabanks full of power!

The time for hunting is now...