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I got my fathers Christmas present off Bookshop a few years ago. It was, with tax, around $23-24. The exact same book, edition, condition, etc. Amazon was selling for $160.

Use. This. Website. And Thriftbooks as well.


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She initially began with small shows and got an internship working in television for a network, thanks to a relative. She transitioned to film after some time working and building her resume with a few projects. A few people took a chance on her and it's been an uphill battle, for sure, but she's happy.


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She's a writer :)

I'd rather not give away too much information for obvious reasons, but she's done the writing for a couple of shows on a major network and was able to transition her skills into screenwriting after a few years in the industry (and a few terrific people she's worked with)


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You're just mentioning names, that's not really proof.

Look at their relatives, look at who those people knew. How deep do I want to go? Pretty deep because these connections go deep.

But whatever, dude. I'm at work, and I literally don't care enough to fight this. I'm not wrong and I'm not admitting something that isn't true.

Also, obligatory: you're*

Now downvote and go away.


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I'm happy to admit I'm wrong if you can pull up anything to the contrary. I enjoy changing my mind off of stuff I don't like.

Because I see a lot of very talented actors and actresses find new places to live under freeways and on sidewalks or dingy studios with 2 other struggling people when they deserve to get actual roles vs what the nepotists get. It's really heartbreaking.

"Its what people say to excuse their lack of success"

You've clearly never stepped foot into these studios, then. Your puritan work-ethic mindset is completely wrong. These kids work hard and still get nowhere because they didn't win the birth lottery.


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My wife works in Hollywood and very few, if any, actors make it big who didn't already have roots in the industry or got in by being exceedingly rich. Not a mutually exclusive situation, although I believe the Barrymores were just very well connected, not rich at the time (I might be wrong about that though). A classic example is Nicolas Cage. His last name is actually Coppola.

Many actors who have gotten into the industry, especially recently, are related to people who have already been there for years if not decades. Not necessarily people who were famous actors, but execs, agents, etc who already had the connections. Rarely will you get someone who started out as a starving artist and ended up making it big on the silver screen. Most might get into commercials, or as extras, if they're lucky. Rags to riches is almost always a fantasy.


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My personal xp in the US is polarized. We had people who knew essentially nothing about the Royal Family and just go "oH eM gEe! RoYaLtEeEeEe!!!1!" And follow all the news surrounding them, because when your life is so boring and revolves around gossip, the ROYAL gossip is the best kind right?

And the other half was "Oh yeah. Royalty. Neat. Anyway..."

There's no in between, from a personal standpoint.


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You can be gruff and tough all you want. You can swing pickaxes and hammers and beat your chest in front of all the other prisoners...but if you had a good mother growing up, the last thing you want to do is disappoint her. Never underestimate the power of a pissed off mom.