MyCleverNewName t1_j8svfis wrote

Installing a bunch of lil raised garden beds and just sprinkling them with a bunch of packs of wild flowers last year was the best thing I ever did... wish I had started years ago! New flowers kept popping up into November (!!!) and the bees and humming birds loved it! Expanding on this this year for sure. 🐝🐦😎🐝🦜


MyCleverNewName t1_j8stbrm wrote

Where I live, my yard gets 10x more precipitation than I could possibly ever use, but I still want to do this. (with local stuff of course) I don't care if I can easily water a lawn - lawns are fucking stupid regardless.

A "nice lush green lawn" is the absolute epitome of 1950s-stick-up-the-ass-absurd.