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It may be a "made up" metric, but when their online students are worse than their in person students by nearly three times, it seems obvious they are failing at successfully implementing distance learning.

Online school is flexible yes, but graduating on time is incredibly important and that flexibility should not come at the cost of hampering a students future just because it makes things easier for the parents.


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Okay, lets go back to your original comment. You think that there is nothing shoppable about this pic because it is already funny and wacky while completely ignoring the fact that people have already taken the subjects of the photo and put them in other funny situations.

Maybe you should take your own advice and make a shop with the setting as the focal point instead of the subjects to prove your point, because it seems like you have a lot to say without anything of substance to back it up🤭 . The real problem is that you lack introspection, and take every statement as an attack because you lack the ability to digest and accept critique.


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"Change my mind"

It's pretty much impossible to change someone's opinion if it's based on emotion and not reason, and there is no one more emotive than a redditor who decided they are entitled to something 😂 .

If you're gonna bitch about the shops, make your own posts.

This sub is built on zany pictures, get over yourself.


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So what are you? Because you are responding to every comment like it's an attack. The photo is fine and produced some quality shops, no need to get your panties in a bunch. It looks like you have zero contributions to this sub, so perhaps the thing to do is simply hold your fingers and quit bitching.


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Killing or hurting someone while detaining them very rarely absolves responsibility, it is why no one will stop you if you walk out of a big-box store without paying for example.

The bartender isn't going away for murder or anything, but it definitely seems valid to pursue a wrongful death settlement considering the circumstances (no bouncer at a dive bar? Tackling someone who is running? Chokeholds? These are rookie mistakes.)