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> thats like adding taxes to alcohol because a minor got caught drinking at a party.

Uhhh, we already do that? There are taxes on alcohol above and beyond the 6.35% specifically to deal with harm alcohol causes.

geez talking with connecticut alt-reich cons is like trying to teach a incontinent golden retriever to play basketball.


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> Police Haters

Got a source for that?

Because the fact the entire New Haven PD hasn't been arrested, put on a boat and sent out to the mid-Alantic and left for hurricane season to deal with tells me this state loves their local police, no matter the crime.


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Defaulting to a knee-jerk reflexive defense of the cop huh?

There are bits of the neighbors cam footage in the article but if the cops sister said she had too much to drink and the police report confirms the cam caught hers shouting racist things while she attacked a couple 13/14 year olds I'd say it's a little more than hotheaded. Especially since it's not her first disciplinary incident.

More details here Apparently she was drunk driving too. Wow.

edit: ouch, the other disciplinary thing was not arresting a serial rapist