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I want to express how well executed this is but I’m practically speechless. There isn’t much that makes me finish a piece and sit and stare dumb and silent afterwards. This is powerful.


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My fiancé is over 6ft and I’m like 5’5” - 5’5.5”

I always say I’m an “Honorary Tall Person” bc I can reach stuff on high shelves that my grandma can’t. Then he touches the ceiling with both his feet flat on the floor and we both say “fuck you” and/or flip him off lol


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For most people, wingspan = height. That means you have an ape index of 0. Some people (like my grandmother) have a wingspan that is noticeably less than their height. That means you have short arms (negative ape index) and should choose to measure from head to toe for the most money. Other people (myself included) have a wingspan that is noticeably greater than their height. That means you have long arms (positive ape index) and should choose to measure from fingertip to fingertip for the most money. It means you M0NKEY


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I became so invested in the story that I had to restart the music I was listening to. A song I liked came on and I didn’t even notice. That doesn’t happen often. This was captivating, well executed, and a really interesting premise! You did a great job here and you’re clearly a very talented writer!


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Hey, fellow bisexual chick here. Your gf is straight up wrong. As others have mentioned, the B in LGBT is for bisexual. We absolutely ARE part of the community. That’s as dumb as saying “if you’re a trans girl who likes men then you’re not LGBT bc you’re not gay.” Homosexuals are not the only people who are LGBT. If you experience same-sex attraction, you are gay. It’s a bit of an umbrella term that includes homosexuals, bisexuals, pansexuals, that kind of thing. You are gay. Bi is LGBT. You can dance all you want. Show your gf this thread and let them see they’re wrong. Then keep dancing