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Sadly, there are many enforced differences between the sexes. Stud and slut describe the same actions but do not convey the same meaning.

We are still debating skin colour with people who should have gone extinct by now.

We still have people basing their world view on a bronze age interpretation of life, the universe and everything.

Facist religious dogma is inherently sexiest first and foremost. Then comes the racism.

I pick on religion because it is the gateway drug for inequities.

Hail Satan


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Men universally have a shorter life span than women.

This is due to a number of factors, not least that males make a lot of dumb decisions.

The fact that men are the dominant species may explain the current state of the planet.

I could be wrong, but as a male, I think I'm right.


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Karmas a bitch, and you sound like one too. Meow.

I can imagine your cat eating your face when you die alone. Lol, lol lol.

And who the fuck looks at reddit karma? Maybe you don't have a cat and you're the pussy. Lol, lol, lol.

How old are you? 12? Does your mummy know you're on the interweb being an arsewipe?

Anyway, have the day you deserve.



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Whose karma are you lol about?

My cat loving ex brother-in-law who is permanently disabled by a disease he got from his cat?

I never liked him, but I never wished this on him.

And I think the definition of karma is it does mean shit.

So you should probably look forward to the karmic repercussions to your post.

Let me know how that works out for you.


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Diseases associated with cats:

Cat scratch disease.


Toxoplasmosis. This one's really awesome, sorry, I meant awful. My brother in law got it in his early thirties and now requires a full time carer, and will for the rest of his (shortened) life.






I much prefer native animals in their natural habitats.

The animals breed solely for a humans emotional support always seemed a bit off to me.

Love the ones we've bred to eat though. Wish cats tasted better....

Down votes make me stronger.


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And cats do kill humans. They spread a number of diseases that can be and are fatal.

And they absolutely devastate any natural environment they are let loose in.

Google away cat lovers.

It's funny how many down votes someone will get if they are in any way negative about cats. It's almost as bad as being factual on r/conservative.


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The turtles eat the plastic bags, probably thinking it's a jellyfish. It blocks them up and they die.

How your plastic bag in particular, ends up in the ocean depends a lot on the infrastructure that deals with waste.

A lot of western waste was exported to China for processing, but now goes to less developed countries where the rules may be a little bit lax.