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Idk that I'd call it clearly defined minimums/restrictions. It might just be that 20" tends to be the shortest order they commonly get and therefore configured the slider that way, or that they didn't anticipate the market for shorter cables for split keyboards. I sent an email to find out, because I don't think it's all that unrealistic to think that if you inquire a custom cable company might be willing to cut a shorter piece of cable. It's not like I demanded they make it.

I'm very sympathetic to people doing their jobs, and have worked in customer support/client facing roles most of my career. But not responding to all the questions in a customer's email, especially when there are only two of them and they're related, and then again not reading/looking into the issue before responding is bad customer service.

Also, thanks for the recommendations on where to find other vendors.


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Again, I think my annoyance/expectations are being blown out of proportion. I emailed them to request something pretty reasonable, and certainly within the realm of their offerings/capabilities, and was left feeling ignored/dismissed by customer service. If they'd responded in the first email saying they can't make that, I'd have just moved on. Wouldn't you feel like you had a poor experience if it took three times asking a question to get an answer?


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I ordered it thinking it's what I wanted, and the next day changed my mind on a portion of it. I contacted them within 24 hours (their cancellation window) about the modification, not entirely expecting they'd be able to do it but worth checking anyway. Nothing on their site notes that orders cannot be modified and must be cancelled. I don't think they need to have that on there, but it'd be a good idea. Because I think to the average person if you have a 24 cancellation window you might be able to modify an order within that timeframe too. Again, not expecting it but hoping. Their response time was also reasonable, but did place us well outside the 24hr window. It wasn't until their response that I was informed orders cannot be modified and must be cancelled/resubmitted. Had that been noted on their site, I'd have just cancelled within that window. This element of my post was more to kind of get that info out there, I'm fine with them not being able to make a modification outside their window.

The poor experience/larger frustration came from me having to ask three different times about a shorter cable before I got an actual response that addressed it. When you have to ask your question three times, it feels like they aren't actually reading your email.