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When my daughter was 5, I "gifted" her a cat. She'd wanted one every since she could understand what a cat is, but I made her wait until she was old enough to handle a cat gently. We went to the animal shelter on her birthday and she was matched to a kitten that fit her personality and energy level.

The two of them are laying here on the couch with me 10 years later taking an afternoon nap. They are inseparable at home, and he's been a great comfort to her over the last decade.

I think "gifting" a pet can go right.


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Little Free Libraries are a great place to pick up books for your kids. I always fill ours with extra books and some toys the week of Christmas just in case.


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It's not because her kittens are gone.

She might just be naturally shy. Is your house very loud and active? That might intimate her. You could try isolating her in one room and making it very cat-friendly. When you feed her, sit nearby and talk to her. Be patient. Cats are stubborn and it may take a while.


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I don't eat turkey but deep frying does not mean oily when done properly. That is a myth. The turkey wouldn't be greasy if deep fried. The skin is "seared" (for lack of a better word) and holds in the juices from the turkey, while keeping the oil out. Welcome to American culture.