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I was in the military. My Brother did 24 years in the military. My Sister was in the military. My Father was in the military, my Father in Law retired after 23 years in the military...

Are you saying that you moving is a result of being in the military (which would be the first mention of such) or are you simply deflecting the conversation from being about your own selfishness?

Let me guess:

You got a boyfriend in college, got him to marry you when he graduated with that sweet degree that would afford YOU that 1.1 million dollar house, had 1, then 2, then 3, then FOUR kids keeping yourself from having to go find a job, and then you home school them so that you can stay home and not have to get a job, and THEN keep making all of these people move at your whim and whimsey.

I'm sure that it's all quite rationalized in your head and you are the fierce momma bear that only has the best interest of everyone involved, but I present a different take, that absolutely may not be true, but:

Your husband knows that he can never win with you, as you hammer and hammer away until you get your way; his happiness and comfort are a far second to yours. He's resigned to the blithe and insulting "happy wife, happy life" which can also be translated as "there is no taming the shrew".


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Oh, you'll have a good time and meet a lot of good people.

As far as me digging Alabama: I grew up in the woods and country in New Hampshire and needed that kind of rural again. I am older, calmer, and less interested in other people's opinions than when I was younger and I don't get angry at the World's injustices as much. I've always been pretty charismatic, so being an atheist liberal down here seems to get accepted pretty well.

I have my 40 acres to retreat to everyday...


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I moved from NH to Alabama, from the dense Seacoast to a very rural area, and all I can ask you is "WHY?!" Especially if your intent is farming?