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All that shit is in your head.

Let it go. I went to a state school in the south. Don’t even know how I exist here without self being embarrassed by my own existence🤨


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Gonna go out on a limb and suggest that you might need to walk the extra couple of feet. It is not a great physical burden at all, if you find walking that extra distance to be so difficult I would recommend parking in the very back of the parking lot and walking in the future.


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Now let’s think back to all those threads complaining about how speed limits are too low and everyone should drive faster, everywhere….. those commenters are cut from the same cloth as the antagonists in this story.


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Under a democratic president and in many states new abortion laws were signed into law by democratic governors. And when it comes to other critically important issues they are totally useless. Just give me a break with the political apologetics. Most of these political narratives are just that: narratives.


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You know that voting D or R is pretty much the same thing when it comes to regulating large monopolies, right?

Honestly we need to elect some straight up communists to push the state to seize the means of production and inject capital into green alternatives. Cover every roof with solar as a starting point.

Or elect satanists, I don’t care. But D or R is just a vote for a very marginal effective difference in leadership.