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WW2 wasn't Vietnam. It's bullshit there was issues, he did nothing wrong. I doubt he looked at it as dodging a bullet though.

The mentality from a lot of veterans of this period was more selfless. If you couldn't show up, they'd be one man down and someone else would take the risk for you. It's a good society when the general public is willing to risk their own lives so others don't have to. War shouldn't happen, but responding to Hitler was necessary and the general war effort was right.

That requires trust, which was lost in Vietnam because ain't no fortunate son that would've traded spots with a dude fighting the Vietcong.


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I'm hoping this is acknowledged more when we talk about culture. Everyone that experiences it seems to feel it when they don't conveniently fit into one box.

Class, skin color, race, experiences, theres stuff I'm not listing but they all contribute to diversity.