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>But if your handler is politically motivated? And believe it or not informants can lie.

That would be a crime to lie on the stand. And what indication is there that the handler is politically motivated or that it would have any influence here?

I dont know why you're defending a completely braindead take lol


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>Al Jazeera’s youth channel AJ+ Arabic has drawn widespread condemnation over a video that was branded “Holocaust denial” for claiming the Jews exaggerated the scale of the genocide to help establish Israel.

Happened in 2019. Not the first incident either, but this is the most recent big one.

There are two branches of al jazeera, the western one which is decent though biased towards the views of its parent organization, and the middle east one which is literally filled with fundamentalist psychos wishing death on Jews.

Edit: seems I upset the nazis


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This is an entire article about a single palestinian correspondence journalist getting banned from Twitter, who admits he was hacked before the banning and has no idea why he was actually banned.

Good article and completely on par with Al Jazeeras usual reporting on the Israeli Palestinian conflict where they deny the holocaust while also claiming that Jews use the holocaust as a tool to advance their global agenda