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Thank you so much for your response! Yes - I am looking into other pre-k options in my area. They are very expensive, though for the right fit I’d be willing to pay! There are also some local private and/or charter kindergarten options, which may have more flexible boards than the public elementary school.


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Thank you for your input! I’m willing to have my child assessed in all areas of developmental readiness for kindergarten - not just academics. I do understand that a large part of readiness has nothing to do with academics. I would be interested to learn the results of such an assessment, so I can better understand (from an objective point of view) my child’s development. I strongly feel that another year at his pre-school will bore him and not help him progress academically OR socially / emotionally. So I’m looking for a place that will better fit his needs - be it kindergarten (public or private) or another preschool aimed at 4-5 year olds. If you hav any suggestions, please let me know! And thank you for your service to our kiddos!


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Thanks for sharing! I am so worried about the year of boredom. In addition, I have been only like 60% happy with the director / primary teacher at his preschool. She recently told me that my son mostly plays by himself, “where he seems happiest” and otherwise gravitate towards the younger girls. Um…I’m not paying for my son to just be “happy”…I’m paying for him to learn social and academic and life skills. She can be unresponsive at times (admittedly I’m a bit more involved and worried than most parents) and I wish she had told me this earlier / did more to try to engage him with the older kids’ activities. I’m worried he will be so bored or even regress next year playing with three year olds.


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Thank you! I certainly will! It’s truly not about the money…education is VERY important to our family. Our town’s elementary school is not great anyways, so we are open to moving if a different town has a later cut-off date. But I will absolutely try to push this. I believe I may have an argument in that his due-date was Sept 30th, and typically they assess early developmental milestones by due-date, not by birth date. I’m a social worker with a secret lawyer side. 😆


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Thanks for sharing your experience! October 3rd is a tricky birthday to have regarding school enrollment! As a social worker, I definitely appreciate all the research supporting later kindergarten enrollment. But my son definitely needs some sort of leveling-up next year, rather than attending his pre-school for the third year in a row. If you have any ideas for our family, please let me know!