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Time to get to work then in these comments... Having a reduction in the effect of climate change is still a positive thing compared to no reduction. Climate change is not a all or nothing thing.


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>The word observable in this sense does not refer to the capability of modern technology to detect light or other information from an object, or whether there is anything to be detected. It refers to the physical limit created by the speed of light itself.

You are always at the center of YOUR observable universe. If it's correct that the universe is isotropic.


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It will also be used to by governments to predict who might be potential opposition. Even many years ahead. There is a youtube video with that story line, where they use drones to kill anyone who is might become a potential opposition leader when they are still students.


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The Holodomor is considered:

  • Genocide by 23 countries and the European Parliament
  • Criminal act of Stalin's regime by 6 countries
  • Crime against humanity by 5 international organizations

Besides that a lot of the world has no clear stance on it. But straight up saying that it was not genocide is disagreeing with a lot of governments. And the official definition of genocide includes intent:

>acts committed with intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnical, racial or religious group