Nadaplanet t1_jbm7sxv wrote

>There are definitely dog who will bark continuously for hours.

Oh you must live in my neighborhood. Someone within a several block radius of me has a dog that barks constantly. They let it out around 6 am and let it back inside around 9 pm. I am not exaggerating when I say it barks the entire time it's outside. I've walked my dog around trying to find the source, but I've never been able to pin down an exact address to try and talk to the owners.


Nadaplanet t1_j8rjy88 wrote

>The legislators are governing as if God himself is going to save us from the tipping point then they distract us with culture wars over church/state.

Honestly, a lot of extreme religious conservatives literally do think like that. They legitimately believe that the rapture is just around the corner, so there's no point in planning too far into the future. No need to make laws regarding renewable energy, climate change, or any other looming issues because Jesus is going to come back and take them up to heaven within in the next few years. It's pretty crazy.


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I used to work for TSA and spent a couple years working at the international checkpoint. This is where people who flew in from other countries would go through security before continuing on to their connecting flights. Once we had a lady come up and, while she was taking off her coat to put it through the x-ray, the person running the metal detector noticed her left breast was moving very erratically, and very awkwardly asked what was causing that. And the lady gave a deep sigh, rolled her eyes, and said "It's just a turtle," and she pulled a tiny baby turtle out. We had to call the customs people to come get her, since animal smuggling is pretty illegal.

Her eye roll though when she said "It's just a turtle..." Like that is a normal thing to have in your bra.