Naielli t1_ixu1uay wrote

I look around frantically as I run through the alleyway, attempting to find a safe place to law low while the police continue to search for me.

You might be wondering what I did, and the thing is, I didn't do it! Well actually I kinda did, but I'll have to explain so you can understand. You see, when you turn 15, you get to swap bodies with your future self, but what they didn't tell you was that your future self gets to inhabit your past body.

This means that the future you can do things while you're unaware and in the future, if that makes sense. Apparently, future me was so sick of all the shit she'd dealt with in the past, that when she was able to return she ended up commiting vile acts one would never have attempted in the more guarded and peaceful future. It was as if future me was exacting revenge on the past and I'M the one suffering for it.

So here I am, stuck here and being blamed for the extinction of modern humanity for some strange reason. I don't know how future me killed over one billion people in under an hour but she did and now everyone is pissed.


Naielli t1_iwxkoxs wrote

Athena, a hero sent back in time with one mission, to save the world. In her point of origin in the timeline, she was forced to watch hopelessly as those she loved were ruthlessly killed by a single man, a man who seemed to have accumulated so much power that the galaxy itself had become subject to his imperialistic rule.

As she walked along the hot streets of Los Angeles, she noticed a calendar and made her way over to it, taking a look at the date.

"July 16th, 2003."

Almost immediately, her eyebrows furrowed. If she knew about her history correctly, the invasion of the Reca's, which dawned the arise of superheroes, was supposed to take place in 7 years.

This means that the time machine worked, and she was indeed, the only superhero on earth and in history itself. Her mother was alive, however, she has yet to receive her abilities.

As these thoughts ran through her head, Athena made her way through LA, not only enjoying the sight but looking for one man.

"David Lymon."

Athena could recognize that face, even as a child he still had that sinister look of the one in the future. His pupils were skinny like a snake and his laughter acted in her head as mockery instead of signs of joy.

Athena wasted no time, engulfing her hand in energy as she jumped into the air. Her eyes began to glow a luminous white as the energy in her hand formed into a tennis-sized ball. People began to watch curiously while others ran away in fear, Lymon's parents doing the same.

"For my mother, and everyone else you'd killed."

She threw the ball of energy, watching as it brilliantly dodged the others and raced through the crowd before connecting with the back of Lymon's mother, who was holding him and exploding on impact.

Everyone began to run and scream frantically as she just watched, a smile on her face.

She saved the future, but was she truly a hero?